When is it OKAY to Dump a Student Trucker?

Illinois Winter

A recent student trucker started a thread on the “Truckers Forum” called “Jeff Foster Trucking Abandoned Me at a Closed Bus Station”, the thread included a short video of the last few minutes the student had on the truck with the trainer. According to the student, the trainer had decided he didn’t want to be […]

How Does Driver Pay Affect Highway Safety?

Road to Safety

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has launched a survey to collect information to better understand whether drivers who are paid CPM ( Cents Per Mile) rather than for the time they work has any relationship to safety. A Federal Register is now open for public comments until October 28, 2014. Alas, there are […]

Florida CDL Training Schools


Our vision has always been to collaborate to create a reliable resource for drivers and new CDL students. REAL Women in Trucking, Inc incorporated in the State of Florida in 2013, so it only makes sense that we begin building our resource database with information on CDL training that we feel is suitable from this […]

Am I a Feminist? Are You?


The history of women and their achievements are often a footnote to the stories of the heroic men who fought in battles and wars. Women today rarely realize nor teach their Daughters that women mobilized by the thousands for a 72 year battle to win the right to vote. Women in America mobilized to fight […]

CDL Training: 2012 Team Driving Nightmare


In the past month, two items have come up that I feel need to be addressed with regards to team driving in entry level carriers. A LinkedIn discussion thread that was posted about a recent article called hiring felons that appeared in Fleet Owner Magazine and a 60 minutes broadcast titled “Untreated mental illness an […]

Truths for Women in a Male Dominated Workplace


Women in a male dominated work place may benefit from learning a couple of truths. One is, expected gender role and co-worker biases may be more influential to a woman’s job success than their skill and ability. Another is, the company harassment policy may not resolve a harassment issue.  Understanding these truths can help women […]

Sandi Talbott Addresses FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro on Entry-Level Driver Training Issues

Mats 2013 Ann Ferro Jimmy Artis Sandi Talbott

On March 22, 2013, Sandi Talbott, Co-Founder of the “REAL Women in Trucking” and the “Women Truckers Network” and her good friend Mr. Jimmy Ardis met with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Administrator Anne Ferro at the Mid-America Truck Show (MATS) in Louisville, Kentucky. Mr. Jimmy Ardis is a one-armed truck driver from South […]

Trucking Carrier Warnings


Truck driver training is an industry to make a profit off people who know nothing about trucking. The target, those who can get a guaranteed student loan, qualify for financing with as much cash down as possible, or acquire some sort of government assistance work program like a workforce investment act voucher (WIA). Suitability for […]

Trucking: Workplace Bullying?

When President Ellen Voie of the Non-Profit “Women in Trucking” made the following comments  in this workplace bullying documentary about female trucking students involved in a class action suit against one of her sponsor/members CRST Van Expedited “…just wanting to be in a lawsuit…”, it spoke volumes about the climate of victim blaming. Since this video […]

The “Women Truckers Network” Free Phone Conference Events

Karma in Drivers Seat

Today we celebrate a milestone for Women Truckers with the launch of the “Women Truckers Network” (WTN).  After 5 years of patient waiting for organizations to deliver something significant,  the female driving population has become weary from the delays. Real working truck drivers have limited time to attend conventions and networking events but a growing number […]